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Yellow Pavers

Yesterday morning brought disillusionment, but the evening ended with hope. As the last glimmer of dusk sank into the horizon, my smile rose to greet the stars above.

Every step I take gets me closer to my goal. After my somewhat sad news, my husband, calling me from a noisy airport terminal, suggested I spend the day doing only fun things to cheer myself up. After a moment’s consideration, I decided to follow his advice. For weeks now I had been depriving myself of reading because I kept making other things a priority. Not this time. I picked up the book I really wanted to enjoy, stretched out on my couch and read for hours. So much that I forgot to eat lunch. Peeling myself off the couch must have rejuvenated the juices in my brain because then I got another idea of what to do. Keep moving in a forward direction. I wrote for a while and then sent another submittal to another source for possible publishing. Later my sister called me asking me if I was okay. And I was. Because by that time, I had taken two steps forward to counteract my one step back. And it felt good.

I headed into our dinner and a movie with a feeling of contentment. I envisioned myself laying a walkway of yellow pavers. Yellow because it’s the happiest color, to me, at least. And pavers because every step I take propels me to my final destination. I don’t know how many yellow pavers I’m going to lay or how long it’s going to take, but as long as I keep moving in the direction that brings me happiness, I will enjoy the path. So here’s to the closet artists that picked up their paintbrush or the novice cooks that attempted a new recipe or the first time bloggers that finally created an online presence. Take a step, make your mark and plant your yellow paver. One day we’ll look back and smile at the masterpiece of paths we created.

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