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The Picnic with Chicken and Stars

Fantastic News! My short story, The Picnic will be published in an anthology titled Create An Illusion! It comes out in October 2020. I can’t wait for you to be able to read it and the other great stories. We went to dinner to celebrate, uh oh…can you tell what I am getting at? Did my jubilation cause me to fall off the Hyper-Nourishment wagon? Yes, no, maybe. Just teasing, thanks to a wonderful restaurant we were able to pick up something I could actually eat and still stay on plan! Hard to believe, yet true. The only cooked items were cauliflower, beans and tofu. A bit of a gray area, which I am going to be okay with since everything else was raw veggies and we were in celebration mode. Seriously, it could have been way worse with other items I would have normally chosen.

Oh, I do want to share that, the tofu there tastes really amazing. You probably don’t believe it, but three out of the four times I have eaten tofu, it has tasted fine. At this restaurant, wow. I really enjoyed my dinner AND it was filling. I’m a repeat customer, although right now it is only for extraordinary celebrations.

Now, how has the past week been? Before my super exciting getting published day, my husband wanted to go the hardware store. Innocent enough. Except, that it is located close to the pediatric dentist…dum, dum, dum, duuuuum. Do you remember the issue from my past blog regarding a certain addictive chicken place? The first two miles of our drive were pure mental anguish, that’s when my husband told me to turn left instead of right. It turns out he wanted to go to the new hardware store. Well, wasn’t I lucky?

Not really, like before, once that crack chicken got in my head, it didn’t let go. Up and down the huge warehouse aisles we went. Every pipe fitting looked like a chicken nugget to me. Walking out to our car I was ready to cave and ask him to take us there for dinner. Hyper-Nourishment be d*mned. My vocal chords were in a tug-of-war, Crack Chicken vs. Homemade Dinner. What skewed the scale, ever so lightly? Avo. Yes, I was shocked. The same avo I had sort of avoided because I had eaten to much of it a week prior, I was now wanting. We had several at home. In the end, I asked my husband if he wanted to have vegan shushi bowls for dinner. Bittersweet, I felt both disappointed and proud, when he said, “Sure!”

The following days I was wondering when the switch was going to flip. The claims that I would stop desiring my previous comfort foods or begin to look at them with disinterest still hadn’t happened to me. Health and energy are my current motivators. My son commented again today on how I had accomplished so much in an hour this morning. Those moments are my stars on the progress board. My new driving force? To make it look like a galaxy!

Click below to order Create An Illusion: Florida Writers Association and enjoy The Picnic

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Disclaimer: This post is about my personal experience following the Hyper-Nutritious program. The program claims to reverse other health conditions, too. No affiliation. It is recommended to consult with your doctor for all medical decisions, treatments and prescriptions. Please reference for full details of disclaimer.


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