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Running Pace

Updated: May 14, 2020

So much has happened since my last update. I ended up going full fledge and making The Smoothie on Friday, drinking loads of water and eating only vegetables and fruits. Should I start with the good news or the bad?

The bad news is, my body had what I believe were some detox symptoms. It wasn’t fun, but it also wasn’t too bad. It lasted about two days. I got headaches and experienced extreme thirst. Akin to being in the middle of the Sahara with no oasis in sight, seriously, it was a bit brutal.

The last discomfort was disturbed sleep by having to use the restroom throughout the night. I thought at first it was due to all the water I was drinking, maybe it is or maybe it’s just my body detoxing during the night. Either way, the first night was a terrible night’s sleep. Worse than having a newborn but better than when I had Lasik and I didn’t get the pain med in time. Now that was awful. Nothing like having burnt eyeballs as your high bar of pain. Actually, childbirth is the highest, charred globular organs are a mere second. The upside is that it got better each night and day after that. Last night was almost normal, thirst-wise.

The amazing, super good news is that I went running on Monday, my pace was superb and I wasn’t even trying! I’m usually at an eleven to almost kissing thirteen minutes per mile pace, feeling tired, like I am really pushing my lungs. Sometimes I would feel like my legs could go faster, but my breathing was limiting it. Not Monday. It was incredible! I could breathe normally. In fact, I hardly thought about breathing. I could feel the strength in my leg muscles propelling me forward. It was so much easier than before. I felt on top of the world!

The even more spectacular part was that I didn’t fizzle out when I got home. Nope. I arrived at my front door and danced while I watered my plants, then I did my strengthening workout and went on to do all my usual daily activities. Normally after a run I would crash and need a nap. A long nap. Anywhere from forty five minutes to a couple of hours, if I did a long run.

Today I doubled my distance, I went three miles. I didn’t look at my watch to see my pace, I just went and ran. I could tell from my quads that I was pushing it some, but I was not doing a race pace. Just regular breathing with a little leg effort because I knew I was going further than the last time. I am so elated about my time. Ten minutes and thirty seconds per mile average. That is an outstanding pace for me considering the effort I was putting into it.

When I got home, I did my strengthening workout, drank some more of my smoothie and now I am writing this blog. Already doing more than I would have done post run in the past. It makes me smile.

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Disclaimer: This post is about my personal experience following the Hyper-Nutritious program. The program claims to reverse other health conditions, too. No affiliation. It is recommended to consult with your doctor for all medical decisions, treatments and prescriptions. Please reference for full details of disclaimer.


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