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Beautiful Day

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Today I had an epiphany. How did I not see it before? Our lives are beautiful. Our world is beautiful, at least the parts we haven’t destroyed. Around each of us, nature is growing, thriving. It has been too long since I stopped to listen to the thrum, the heartbeat of our Earth.

At this moment I am enjoying a chocolate green smoothie. It sounds weird and it’s color strongly resembles mud. The ingredients are even stranger. Beets and cocoa powder, are not in the realm of things I would have ever conceived to combine. Tastes delicious. I imagine some of you are cringing in disgust. I probably would be too, if I wasn’t out on my back porch enjoying the refreshing feeling of a slushy on a warm Florida day. The leaves hum in the preserve around me.

Everyday feels like a race to achieve things that threaten to overwhelm our lives. But today it stopped. And it was fabulous. I relished in the things I wanted to do. I did a few things that were on my to do list. And I enjoyed life.

Hope you have a beautiful day.


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