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Stick a needle in my eye. Cringe worthy. One would think that eating healthy would make me have amazing glowing skin, fantastic innards that work optimally and basically the world would be all peaches and rainbows. Till I walked into an office today.

I haven’t blogged in weeks. Partly because the minimizing morphed into a just rush to pack it in a box frenzy, which evolved to resilience of how many things would survive all the times the movers dropped our boxes, which grew into stress and fatigue when we realized the movers were done and there were still ten more grueling days of car loads of stuff to pack and move to the condo, followed by repairs in the condo, one leak turning into four, then all the clean up and repairs to the home we just moved out of.

Note to self, forget nails and screws, from now on command hook every shelf and picture frame in your life. Water filtration system installation, loft bed building, master bed building, painting, cleaning, unpacking, on and on the days swirled in a blur. Muscle spasms seemed permanent residents in my back struggling to cling to arms that felt like they might actually fall off.

Then slowly, things start to normalize. We can sort of cook in the house. Not the oven though because that causes smoke. Add purchase new stove, when all appliances are in short supply thanks to Covid, to the mile long list of things yet to get done. But we muster on.

We think we are doing well, then ants infest our Jeep which wasn’t parked in our garage, because the shelves aren’t up nor are the bike racks. Now there are five bikes in our kitchen. Welcome to living with three triathletes. With lots of rearranging we manage to squeeze the Jeep into the garage right after drowning it in bug spray, washing it and vacuuming it twice. Nature is a force to be reckoned with.

Oh, and I didn’t mention the weekly hate calls I get from my mother because I need to sell a property that belongs to my other mom/aunt that passed away a few years ago. Those are fun.

Life has been busy to say the least, but that’s not all. Nope. Ever get one of those images taken that have looming doom all over them? Well, that’s what I get to find out about next week. This week it’s a run of the mill eyeball check which took a detour.

My non-correctable-by-glasses blurry vision in one eye is one of three options. A) Caused by my inhaler. Yup, the very same one that started me down the mega-nutrition smoothie path. My asthma doctor who begrudgingly lowered my dose, just a month or so ago is going to be thrilled to hear my eye doctor wants me off of the inhaler completely in an effort to save my vision. Or it could be B) Caused by something so unmentionable that my doctor limits his verbage to say the manageable “cure” is to stick a medicated needle in my eye once a month. For life.

What the F - - - - - - ck!

OR it could be C) something so much worse that the doctor won’t even mention it unless options A or B are proven to not be the issue.

So today I have to choose. Hit the wall really hard which my husband has informed me will only land me in the E.R. or write three things that will make my day great today.

My saving grace, my writing buddy, Tami, whose newsletter I read this morning while I waited in my car for my eye doctor to see me. She gave several suggestions to turn a frown into a smile. I’m paraphrasing. The point is, I’ve gotten so low, my only option is to look up. Taking her advice, three things I am thankful for today.

  1. My husband and family who support my smoothie making and juicing and who work so hard everyday to make our condo beautiful. Today, they are painting our bedroom a beautiful sea glass color. Really liking how it looks.

  2. Ikea veggie hot dogs, plain with onions. Those are amazingly good.

  3. Evenings at home where we plop in front of the television, watch a movie and eat dinner.

My writer friend also instructs for me to note three things that would make today great. Hmm...well, there were no needles in my eye, today. Big Yay! I can see with both eyes. Double Yay! Get it?

And number three is, despite the ups and downs of our move, we are here, it is our shelter. It is homey and comfortable. Each day a bit of our settling in gets more complete, but more importantly my family is whole.

Maybe the icing on today’s cake is this blog. I’ve been wanting to post throughout these turbulent weeks and my thoughts were jumbled and disjointed. Guess that means I have four things that make today great.

Visit To read my writer friend’s inspiring IAmNotBritish email (Aug. 16, 2020, Short Bits of Life With A Deep Breath) and amazing book: Making Space For Me, My Mormon Adoption Story.

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