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My October Sky

The Florida Writer’s Conference was this weekend. Going virtual was much better than expected. They offered excellent workshops, one of which had a presentation on imagery and color. It was a rekindling of enthusiasm during a period when writing had taken a back seat to a year brimming with uncertainties and change.

Today also included a pre-birthday celebration and color was the theme to my day. My family gifted me an array of artistic markers with a coloring book depicting many beautiful hand drawn images from my daughter. A great accompaniment to the workshop which also shared color in poetry. Together they were the swirling hues of a delightful day.

My October Sky

By Laura Holian

My October sky, like Aspen gold

Glints and shimmers on the ocean tide

Warming rays reach my body

Reassuring my tepid core

Sun above

Sparkles around

Nestling sand below

Like energized dust motes

Transcending time

Quaking in the ocean’s breeze

Their eternal souls fuse with mine

From sky, to ocean, to earth

Safely sheltered beneath the light of my October sky

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