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Go Greens!

Updated: May 14, 2020

Excited and starving, deep inside, this is going to work. All the arrows thus far have led me here. In the past, I’ve only done it halfway, maybe three quarters at most. Today I feel like I wanted to commit. Greens are going to be my super power. That’s what this is all about. I have various issues which contribute to suboptimal health. I am ready to kick their symptomatic butt. This journey has been a long time coming. Yesterday, I watched a video that stated the main deterrent to this particular venue of success is mental and mostly emotional based. It was something I sort of already knew, but it was one of those things that when I heard it for the umpteenth time, it finally registered.

“What makes this one any different from all the other ones before?” My husband asked me late last night. In reality, it’s not that different from the other programs I’ve attempted. They have all said eat your greens, lots and lots of them. I just hadn’t applied that to the degree that this program suggests. OMG, I literally just sneezed with a mouthful of salad into my hand because there were no napkins within reach. The pollen from my two mile outdoor run this morning must have just kicked in. Seeing all the green bits caught between my fingers and palm was gross ... and funny. Glad it didn’t get all over my keyboard. That would have been a pain to clean. Allergies. That’s one of the things I am eager to see go.

There’s a book I need to speed read this weekend, which will make my official start date Monday. Unofficially, I’m starting today. This morning my breakfast is a big salad. It’s my way of easing into it. A part of me is concerned that I will send my system into shock with all the detoxifying eating healthy might do. I don’t know if it’s dangerous or not. But the other part of my brain is arguing, “Really, death by too much spinach?” Which then makes me feel preposterous for even thinking it.

That’s why I am starting with a salad today. Assuming there is nothing new gained from the book I haven’t read, according to the videos, Dr. G suggests blending greens into a smoothie to make the necessary volume of recommended foliage easier to consume. I figure if I start with chewing them in a salad this weekend, it will be slower and it’s my way of giving my body a head’s up, like, “Hey, get ready, this is what we’re going to be doing now.”

The first thing I really want to have is ENERGY. Right now I wake up tired. Which doesn’t make any sense. And I am tired regardless of how many hours I sleep. Feeling sluggish and having to take naps during the day is demoralizing when I can see others being able to do so much more than me on any given day. Other days I push my self to not take a nap and actually make it through an entire day awake. Those days are tough. Surely it should be easier.

This salad is taking forever to finish. I set a timer trying to finish it in thirty minutes. I didn’t, so I added another ten minutes. It’s a taxing workout for my jaw, too. Visions of Arnold Schwarzenegger type muscles protruding from my jaw are running through my head. Wonder if I’m going to get a man jaw? Just kidding. Dang it. The ten minute timer just rang. I had two bites left. Close enough. I’m still a little hungry, so I am eating a few nuts to go with my burly mandibular muscles.

Time to shower and then go shop for more veggies.

The program I intend to follow is by Dr. Brooke Goldner at

No affiliation. I found it through a friend of a friend. Not really. It was more of a website from an email of an interview. To be clear, I don’t have Lupus, but it claims to reverse other diseases, too. Wish me luck.

One more thing. My family had bagels for breakfast. Just thinking of the nutrition in the salad I ate versus what is contained in a bagel, well, my salad blew that bagel out of the water, nutrient wise. It makes me feel good about what I ate. Go greens!

Disclaimer: This post is about my personal experience following the Hyper-Nutritious program. No affiliation. It is recommended to consult with your doctor for all medical decisions, treatments and prescriptions. Please reference for full details of disclaimer.


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