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Choose Joy

The challenge is for six weeks. The past three weeks feel more like months have passed. It’s hard to tell if it was due to the change in eating or just my life in general. In addition to the Hyper-Smoothie, I’ve incorporated other happy aspects into my life to reduce stress. Life feels nice. Calmer. The kids are officially on summer break. Which means another new routine for us, but even that is better because they are older.

Simpler. That might become my new motto. It’s sending me a good vibe.

My hunger no longer fluctuates into crazy hangry mode, which is a real plus. It’s similar to when my kids were little and I just fed them a bottle whenever they wanted. My fridge is stocked with liquids I can drink anytime. They are all filling and taste good enough to go down easily. On the days I exercise, I consume more and enjoy solid raw food with maybe a few cooked grains and beans.

Today’s three mile run was at a 10’15” pace. I love it. Getting to this halfway point was mentally difficult, but now that I am here it feels like doing the remaining three weeks is easy. There are still things I want and sort of miss, but I see them with a different lens. More of a passing acknowledgement instead of an intense craving. Food items are now observed based on how much they would fuel my body, nutrient-wise.

My husband was interested in having a banana shake and asked if I wanted one, too. Our banana shakes use almond milk and contain lots of good stuff in them, including chia seeds and spinach. They’re green. It’s funny. Anyways, it would have been okay for me to have one. But I had a run planned and I didn’t want to give up having my hyper-nutritious smoothie because I already knew how well I ran when I drank it. Passing on the banana shake and keeping to my usual breakfast felt better to me. It down poured while I ran and I still finished with a fantastic pace and a smile.

Something drew me towards doing this Hyper-Nutrition challenge. Some of the changes are measurable, others I just feel. Happiness. Energy. Restful nights. So far, it’s been worth it. Gravitate towards the positive energy around you and choose something that brings you joy. Everyday. Imagine what a beautiful world we can become.

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Disclaimer: This post is about my personal experience following the Hyper-Nutritious program. The program claims to reverse other health conditions, too. No affiliation. It is recommended to consult with your doctor for all medical decisions, treatments and prescriptions. Please reference for full details of disclaimer.


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