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Happy National Author's Day and Belated Happy Halloween!

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Today is National Author’s Day! I couldn’t have lucked into a better day to publish my first webpage and my first blog. It’s fate! Last night was Halloween and we really are fortunate to live in a cute neighborhood where we know a bunch of our neighbors and even recognize them in the dark dressed up as a League of Their Own ball players and toys like T-Rex, Andy, Bo Peep and Buzz, from Toy Story. Those were my favorite because they dressed up as a family, including grandparents. So adorable with their little bitty tykes!

This year, we got to enjoy the perks of having “older kids” who enjoyed heading off on their own in the dark. I remember the days when we used to have to ring the doorbells for them and even say “Trick or Treat” because they were too shy to talk to strangers. Which is a good rule…but one that doesn’t apply on Halloween! But this year, I was so proud as I watched them head back towards our house, their jack-o-lanterns filled with candy, happy and smiling. And that’s the goal as parents. Little by little, teaching them and then stepping back and watching them grow in their independence. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m probably still one of those crazed helicopter moms, but every once in a while, on special ghostly nights, I let go and let them test their wings.

I only know what I absorbed from Disney's Coco movie about El Dia De Los Muertos, but another first, is that I lost someone very close to me this past year. I have her picture on a mantle-like shelf and last night I added a little ofrenda of a candy I think she would have liked. Halloween and All Saints Day have a new meaning when you lose someone.

Though I hope her spirit is happy and dancing in God’s glory in heaven, if she did decide to stop by and see our family, then I wanted to make sure I did my part with the picture of her and a treat. All in all, I went to bed with a happy heart. We had a laid back evening, great weather, and good neighbors to chat with. The kids will have their fill of candy for the next month and maybe the spirit of my wonderful relative got to see us and know that we are living life in the example that she set for us. Be Happy.

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