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Come join me in my writing journey. Life is about trying new adventures, finding gratitude and doing all the things that put smiles on our faces! Explore my site and what I have to offer. I hope you find inspiration, amusement and a love of reading.

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Short Story Written By Laura Holian

The Picnic is a short story included in the anthology, Create An Illusion: Florida Writers Association Collection, Volume 12.



Written By Laura Holian

A triathlete husband’s duty to home and self is challenged by the juggernaut of work, a distressed wife and a world without sick days.

Creative Non-Fiction Short Story



Written By Laura Holian

-Honorable Mention Winner in Word Weaver Contest

Danger creeps around a mother and her young daughter as they go about their days, unaware that evil is only a dream away.

Suspense Short Story


Does Twenty Dollars Mean I Don't Care?

Does twenty dollars mean I don’t care about you? We once found money floating in the ocean, the kids and I were elated...

Chipping at it a little at a time

Sometimes it takes exhausting one’s body to slow us down and re-evaluate our process. A long walk was a good idea, until...

More or Less

When my child excelled, he felt worse. A life of leisure was stressful. What if we're misled into a happiness that makes us sad?

Minimizer Challenge: Take 2 (or is it 3?)

New year. New start. This time with a little motivation from Netflix and an humorous and slightly ludicrous challenge.

My October Sky

Today also included a pre-birthday celebration and color was the theme. Together they were the swirling hues of a delightful day.

Aspirational Piece

I scream at the cosmos, “Enough!” But it falls on the deaf ears of a vacuum. Against my will, my thoughts retract into dark places.


A friend’s generosity, triggered a new line of thinking. FUN FIRST! After all, the work will always get done, eventually.


It should have been all peaches and rainbows...till I walked into an office today.

Life Provides

Life is amazing and it shows us what we need in exactly the moment that we need it. The question is, are we going to be open to receive it?

The Picnic with Chicken and Stars

We went to dinner to celebrate, uh oh…can you tell what I am getting at? Did my jubilation cause me to fall off the Hyper-Nourishment wagon?

Writing Prompt Day 04/09/20

Belinda was a perfect match for Hank, easily ignitable by both anger and passion. He wanted nothing more than to smooth her wrinkled brow.

Tough Love

If you want to do something, you have to want it bad enough that you do it regardless of all the interruptions life throws at you.

Abandon Your Writing, Sage or Folly?

Some of the best inspirations are discovered by accident. Is abandoning your writing, sage or folly?

Yellow Pavers

Yesterday morning brought disillusionment, but the evening ended with hope. Every step I take gets me closer to my goal.

Burnt Toast

Today is a burn toast kind of day. It's only eight-thirty a.m. and I already just want to go back under the covers and try again tomorrow.



Life, Family, Love and Humor

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